Welcome to Platinum!

Start on the path to a new intermediate or professional instrument and own it in just 36 months!
-Upgrade from you Melk Music student instrument rental and use 50% of accrued credit towards your platinum rental.

36 month payments
 Instrument  36 month payments
 $57-$99/mo Piccolo Trumpet
 Clarinet $69-$169/mo  Cornet  $79/mo
 Oboe  $94-$144/mo  C Trumpet
 Soprano Sax
 $54-$99/mo  Bb Trumpet
 Alto Sax
 $79-$164/mo  French Horn
 Tenor Sax
 $99-$174/mo  Trombone  $67-$124/mo
 Bari Sax
 Bass Trombone

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Email our sales associates: sarahday@melkmusic or tia@melkmusic.com