Brass Instrument Repair

Melk Music has been the leader in providing quality repairs to the Milwaukee area since 1956.

We repair brass instruments for Schools, Individual Musicians, and Rental Accounts. Bring your instrument to the store or if your student's school is on our free delivery route, simply call us and we'll pick it up from your school. You can also schedule a repair pick-up online. We can provide a loaner when we pick up your instrument for repair so your student won't miss a beat. Please let us know if you need a loaner while yours is being repaired.



  • Free Estimates!
  • Most repairs can be completed within a week (sometimes the same day)
  • Emergency repair service is available.
  • Free loaner instruments!
  • All of our rental contracts include a maintenance policy that covers accidental damage or general repairs (cosmetic work or negligent damage not covered)


Ultrasonic cleaning

Melk Music is the only music store in the Milwaukee area equipped with a 90 gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning uses sound waves to loosen dirt, grime, and lime deposits from every part of the instrument. The use of ultrasonic sound waves is also a "greener" alternative to harsh chemicals traditionally used in the cleaning of brass instruments.

Custom Modifications

Our staff can help you fine tune your brass instrument to fit your needs. New lead-pipes, custom finger rings, and hooks to Horn screw bell conversions. These are some of the various changes we can make to customize your instrument to fit your needs.

Valve alignment

Dent Removal

Most dents can be removed, and we can restore the instrument back to its original shape. We also use the Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) to remove dents from larger brass instruments that our traditional tools would otherwise not reach.