Melk Music has 2 rentals plans available to choose from:

  The Bronze  level rental plan is a traditional rental plan. The instruments are quality used, educator approved rental instruments. Rental payments are not applied to the purchase of the Bronze level instrument, however rental payments can be applied to a purchase/rental of a Silver or Gold level instrument.
Bronze level instruments are used instruments generally older than 3 years that have been fully cleaned and serviced. These instruments are in top playing condition but will have more cosmetic issues than our silver rental instruments.

Silver / Gold level instruments are a lease to own rental plan. This plan is a monthly rental plan with which 100% of the payments apply to the purchase of the rented instrument. You have the option of owning the instrument at the end of the rental term, however  you are under no obligation to purchase the  instrument and may return at anytime. You also have the option of using  50% of the rental payments towards a Platinum Step Up instrument.

Silver Level Instruments:
These are quality used, like new, demo, or standard new instruments. Used instruments are less than 3 years old.  Like new instruments are less than 1 year old. Demo instruments have been display instruments, used in demonstrations, or used in sample classes for a minimal amount of time  (less than 2 months). All instruments have been cleaned and serviced by our repair staff.

Gold Level Instruments:
These are brand new premium quality instruments.
We have personally chosen the Premium branded instruments we rent and sell. Not all student instruments on the market meet our high quality standards we set.